Using as Brain 「Interpreter」 device

As with finger prints, brain wave is unique that it differs from each individuals. By monitoring brain wave regularly, we can correlate daily activities with various patterns, and detect small deviances at early stage. The real-time brain activity monitoring and analysis permits understanding of self, stimulating brain activities, and administering brain self-care.

Brain Self-Care at Each Home!

Currently, there are few household healthcare devices, such as weight scale and thermometer that have high home penetration rate. Our hope is to include brain wave as part of the line up so that brain self-care can be done at each home.

Three Pillars of Business Development




Diagnosis Aid
  • ・Dementia
  • ・ADHD
  • ・Depression、Schizophrenia
  • ・Parkinson’s Disease
  • ・Epilepsy and other seizures


  • ・Health Food & Beverage
  • ・Marketing Research
  • ・Living Space
  • ・Entertainment、VR
  • ・Emotion Analysis


  • ・Sleep Analysis
  • ・Stress Check
  • ・Emotion Analyzer
  • ・Preliminary Health Check
  • ・Remote Health Monitoring


Early Diagnosis:Pre-Symptoms Recognition Efforts

Our initial goal is to find correlation between disease and brain waves. This is only the first step. Getting treatment when illness become apparent is too late. If we can check on regular basis, then we can early diagnose for small signs of pre-symptoms. Patch-type EEG sensor allows early detection which hopefully can lead to live long healthy and actively.



Understanding consumer’s unconscious reaction can highlight underlying purchase decision principles for use of new product development and/or marketing efforts. Companies no longer need to use after-the-fact questionnaire to accurately predict consumer needs.




Improve Sleep Quality

Securing Sleep Cycle
Improve Life Habits
Detect Sleep Disorder


Secure Employee Safety

Drowsiness Driving Safety
・Bus, Railway, Pilot, Long-distance delivery・Construction Operator


Understand Differences

Understand Emotions(Relaxation, Preferences, Concentration, etc)

Automatic All Night Sleep Stage Report

PGV developed automatic all night sleep stage report that calculates out result on same day.

We do many activities, such as exercising, eating, and drinking alcohol that often react negatively to deep sleep.  By using both PGV device & sleep model, users can understand their daily sleep results, and obtain clues to make positive changes. 

This [Act-Know-Change] cycle will provide one solution for good health management.

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