Easy to Use, Highly Accurate EEG Sensor

Using multi-channel, stretchable, and user safety electrode sheet onto palm-sized highly accurate patch-type EEG sensor to measure brain wave activities.

Patch-Type EEG Sensor

Technology Key Features

Original Sheet

User-safe, Flexible & Stretchable Electrode Sheet Co-Developed with Global FPC Co.

High Accuracy

High Precision Analog Circuit Accurately Measuring <1μV Brain Wave

Small & Portable

Compact & lightweight (27g) with Easy Fitting.  Usable on All Ages.


Measuring While Spending Normal Daily Life with Wireless System 


Design Know-How To Make with Affordable Parts

Patch-Type EEG Sensor Usage

PGV sensor make continuous brain wave measurement possible up to 10 hours. Users can monitor real-time brain wave using Smartphone, Table or PC, thus allowing to detect irregularities on brain waves.  The measured and stored data can also be downloaded later for further analysis.

Full Medical EEG Comparison

Equivalent Reading to Full Medical EEG on Forehead Area

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